Lady Westside is a rapper and songwriter from the US. Although she was born and raised in the Westside of Fresno, CA. she is based in Atlanta. When she was 12 years old, she began making music and began by composing poems. Soon after, she proceeded to write songs about her emotions.

She was a personified artist who drew inspiration for her compositions from both contemporary society and her own sentiments and emotions. She was raised in the neighborhood, so she has a fervent commitment to hustling. Even though she wasn’t in competition with her coworkers back in the hood early days, she never gave up on her aspirations. Her music is distinctive, she is a soul singer and rapper of the hip hop genre who looks up to Remy Ma and Tupac, she is an aggressive rapper who burns her pains and emotions in her music. 

The only supporter she got from home was her older brother who vibes and dances to her recorded songs at home and always got her back. Right back home, she was not given the support she needed, and her aunt never got her back. One of the reasons she never stops is because every time she looks back and realizes where she came from, it motivates her to work harder and continue her struggle.

Her brother is one of those reasons. She is very dedicated to her profession and works really hard in the recording studio to produce successful songs that have helped her establish herself as a promising new talent. She is overwhelmed every time she graces the stage since her dedication to her talent has earned her the opportunity to play several local gigs both inside and outside of the hood. She was getting the acclaim she required when her name would occasionally appear, and this encouraged her to work harder.

On July 15, 2018, she and her buddy Anaya co-wrote the song “Never Give Up,” which was released in March of that year. ft. Anaya, Roll in Peace Remix, July 15, 2018 I freestyle generated my struggle. 18 June 2020 May 2, 2021, Lady Westside- Westside shit May 3, 2021: Lady Westside, “My niggas excited” (Lil Kim, “not tonight” remix).

She has a few honors to her name, including the prestigious artist and best underground artist awards. She has had various local show leads and has been featured both inside and outside of her neighborhood. She is known and aspires to collaborate with some of the industry’s biggest names in order to become a household figure on a worldwide scale.